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Your teeth are an image of you, beautiful teeth say the nicest things. They attract attention to your face, brighten the way others respond to you, and add to your confidence. If you do not have naturally, beautiful teeth, there is a simple solution to add this attractive quality to your appearance. Your teeth could be made more appealing with the use of veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that go over your teeth. They offer the most natural look for improving your appearance. Veneers can be a solution for gaps between teeth, broken or stained teeth, or discolored feelings and uneven or crooked teeth.

Veneers deal with cosmetic needs that are more extensive than fillings can handle but not severe enough to require a crown. The work is done in stages. Preparation includes the removal of the thin structure of the tooth layer impression is made and sent to a dental lab. The lab builds a porcelain veneer to fit perfectly on your teeth.  The dentist then cements that veneer to your tooth. Veneers should provide many years of beautiful wear. A bright and beautiful smile while correcting all weaknesses. Since veneers are porcelain, the core should be taken. Avoid nail biting and teeth grinding. Veneers make it possible to give your teeth more of a pleasing look and they are difficult to distinguish from natural teeth.